#ChristianAltFacts Makes an Impact

On Friday morning, I coined the hashtag #ChristianAltFacts (Christian alternative facts) toward the end of a thread reflecting on Christopher Douglas's analysis of the religious origins of America's fake news problem (for more on which, click here): https://twitter.com/C_Stroop/status/835146008942247936 By late Friday evening, #ChristianAltFacts was trending to the point where Trumpist trolls, aka the deplorables, had … Continue reading #ChristianAltFacts Makes an Impact

#SpiritualAbuseIs – Join the Conversation on Spiritual Abuse

On February 12, I posted a thread about spiritual abuse on Twitter, not realizing it would stir powerful reactions of various kinds. One user (who quickly unfollowed me) tweeted at me "Enough already!" and "Get counseling." Both the presumption and the assumptions inherent in those tweets are not really worth unpacking here (but let me … Continue reading #SpiritualAbuseIs – Join the Conversation on Spiritual Abuse