If you haven’t yet taken notice of the new hashtag #HowToEvangelical on Twitter, head over there and have a look at how it’s making waves. I hashtagged the phrase after Twitter user @petuniasfalling used it in a tweet that I found both poignant and funny. Before the day was out, the hashtag had trended steadily and been used over 10,000 times!

Evangelicals and other right-wingers began to push back as well, which means that we in the #Exvangelical community managed to let them know that they are on notice, which I consider a good thing. The hashtag is still going strong today. Here’s a sampling of tweets:

If the #HowToEvangelical tweets have you feeling defensive, I suggest you read this thread by Blake Chastain about why ex-Evangelicals need the space to vent our valid anger at the communities and ideology that harmed us.

If, on the other hand, you’re delighted that #HowToEvangelical is effectively exposing and mocking everything wrong with white Evangelical subculture, why not go over to Twitter and add your own tweets? Till next time, this is Chris Stroop, signing off.

2 thoughts on “#HowToEvangelical is the Latest Ex-Evangelical Hashtag Craze

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