There have been a lot of discussions happening on Twitter lately about steps we can take to build both an ex-Evangelical community and a broader ex-fundamentalist/former conservative believer community, online and offline. With respect to the broader community, some of us have been pondering hashtags that might extend beyond Christians; my suggestions include #ILivedFundamentalism and #Exclavers (from the term “enclave community” used to describe fundamentalist social isolation in parallel structures). As he suggested, Blake Chastain’s hashtag #ExCommunity could also be applied beyond experience in Protestantism/Christianity (although it seems some associated with the English city of Exeter are also trying to make this hashtag a thing for their community). Feel free to share your ideas below or to add them to the discussion in this Twitter thread:

Meanwhile, with respect to building the ex-Evangelical community specifically, Jessi Bennett has created a survey to help assess the desires and needs of those currently participating in the online #ExEvangelical community. If you are an ex-Evangelical looking to connect with others, your response would be very helpful, as would passing the survey on to others. If you’re not an ex-Evangelical yourself but feel so inclined, passing the survey to ex-Evangelicals you know or sharing it via social media would be beneficial to the community. Thanks!

You’ll find the survey here.

Update: Spencer Vaughn suggested the hashtag #LeftTheFold as a way to unite ex-fundamentalists from different backgrounds, and I really like this idea. It encapsulates the meanings of #ILivedFundamentalism (without being as long) and #Exclavers (without being as obscure).

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