On Friday morning, I coined the hashtag #ChristianAltFacts (Christian alternative facts) toward the end of a thread reflecting on Christopher Douglas’s analysis of the religious origins of America’s fake news problem (for more on which, click here):

By late Friday evening, #ChristianAltFacts was trending to the point where Trumpist trolls, aka the deplorables, had taken notice and expressed offense:

I have never coined a hashtag before that went this viral, and I’m really gratified that so many people found #ChrsitianAltFacts cathartic, informative, or both. I also appreciate this blog post by Greg Smith reflecting on the value of the conversation around #ChristianAltFacts and his exhortation to Christians (and presumably to all) to “speak up and label alternative facts as something less than truthful whenever and wherever they encounter them.” Here’s to many more truth speaking sessions!

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